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lycaliesasleep's Journal

9 April
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a little princess, aliens, alphaville, american beauty, american psycho, angus and julia stone, arch enemy, audrey niffenegger, back to the future, black books, blackadder, bon iver, bryce courtenay, c. s. lewis, cat stevens, charmed, children of bodom, chris d'lacey, chronicles of ancient darkness, cloverfield, community, dawn landes, death cab for cutie, deltora quest, dinosaurs, disney, doctor who, donnie darko, eating, egypt, elliott smith, emily rodda, enid blyton, ensiferum, eoin colfer, fight club, francis hodgson burnett, gilmore girls, good omens, grey's anatomy, h. g. wells, his dark materials, history, holes, i robot, iced earth, indiana jones, ingrid michaelson, iron maiden, j. r. r. tolkien, jag, jamie t, jarhead, jeanette winterson, jk rowling, jodi picoult, josh ritter, joshua radin, juno, kenneth grahame, kevin crossley-holland, lano & woodley, last of the mohicans, lemony snicket, lighthousekeeping, listening to music, little men, little miss sunshine, little women, lord of the rings, lost in space, louis sachar, louisa may alcott, matthew flinders' cat, matthew reilly, michael ende, michelle paver, miike snow, milo & otis, modest mouse, monty python, my sister's keeper, napoleon dynamite, neil gaiman, noah and the whale, odo hirsch, patrick park, pearl jam, peter dickinson, philip pullman, pink floyd, planes, pulp fiction, reading, round the twist, sarah blasko, scrubs, series of unfortunate events, seven ancient wonders, shout out louds, signs, slaughter boy, space, spicks and specks, star wars, stick it, stranger than fiction, supernatural, supertramp, tears for fears, terminator, terry pratchett, the artemis fowl series, the arthur trilogy, the bartlett series, the chronicles of narnia, the discworld series, the emperor's new groove, the famous five series, the harry potter series, the hazel green series, the hobbit, the it crowd, the kooks, the land before time, the last dragon chronicles, the magic faraway tree, the national, the neverending story, the police, the power of one, the rescuers, the road to eldorado, the ropemaker, the secret garden, the spongebob squarepants movie, the time machine, the time traveler's wife, the whitlams, the wishing chair, the wizard of oz, tokyo police club, tumblr-ing, v for vendetta, watching dvds, william fitzsimmons, wind in the willows, wintersun